Our long-term alliances with manufacturers enable us to offer customers competitive pricing and unsurpassed service. When you work with KIKKOS STEEL, we become your partner in international sourcing for steel products.

KIKKOS STEEL capably handles any order volume. We manage your specifications and remain actively engaged in all aspects of production, continuously monitoring orders throughout the process. Our services include:

  •  Quality inspections during production and upon completion prior to shipping.
  •  Regular internal mill audits of suppliers
  •  On-site delivery via ocean or air transportation with loading, shipping and customs clearance, including trucking to final destionation
  •  Logistics expertise, including technical support and multiple supply solutions
  •  Storage
  •  Consignment programs
  •  Flexible payment terms


Why choose to work with KIKKOS STEEL

Our products are used in some of the world’s most challenging applications. KIKKOS STEEL has demonstrated expertise in delivering solutions that meet customers’ specific needs. We have developed a supply chain that creates value for customers and manufacturers. We synchronize supply and demand across our global network to deliver the product you need when and where
you need it. And we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service in the industry:

  • Trusted – KIKKOS STEEL is dedicated to ensuring all specifications are met with
    thorough quality control and testing, including through third-party inspection, on-site
    manufacturer audits and property testing, and we’re backed with a AAA-rated insurance
  • Selection – our experience and long-standing relationships with mills give us the ability to
    offer a wide range of products, identify the product that your application needs and
    expand into new areas.
  • Inquiries – expertise in steel products and mill capabilities ensure our customers receive competitive pricing and unsurpassed service.
  • Order processing – strong negotiation power on price and delivery and error-free order entries ensure you receive competitively priced products on time.
  • Contract execution – logistics management ensures continuous and timely service, quality surveillance during production and shipping, complete documentation and protection against potential claims.
  • Enhanced customer service – our multilingual staff includes highly skilled employees with engineering degrees experienced in metallurgy, technical sales and mill audits, and they’re committed to our customers’ success.